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The backbone of J.Paul’s skin care line, Glide Shave Cream was developed to combat the often frustrating side effects caused by shaving. Glide was designed to work on tough thick beards and those individuals that experience beard irritation and of course, it works extremely well for those with thinner and moderate beards. Whether your beard is light, medium, or heavy, our innovative formulation gives you the closest shave possible, while working to reduce or eliminate painful razor burn and ingrown hairs. How does Glide Shave Cream work? Glide uses glyceryl in its formula. Glyceryl helps to suspend the blade away from skin giving you a far less painful shave. In addition, Glide is just that - a cream. Traditional gels and foams can dry out skin, leaving it susceptible to nicks, cuts and irritation. But Glide's finely-tuned ingredients, including natural oils like jojoba and aloe vera, form a natural barrier between your skin and razor, allowing your blade to slice through hair with little to no friction. Glide’s emollients also prevent newly exposed skin from moisture loss and, consequently, premature aging. Use it in conjunction with our full line of superior skin care products and you can finally achieve the close, irritant-free shave you’ve been searching for.

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